Ricardo - Pathless Land
The One You Are    © 1996 RFRussell

First of all, I'd like to take this chance
    To welcome you'all to this circumstance
Let's chase the promise to its end
    Though you never know where it may send you
Your good spirits in these rooms
    Fills us all and none too soon
And if itís ever in our way
    Then weíll know thatís not it anyway

    In this lifetime, in this light
    In this lifeóshine like the sun
    You are free, or can be
    You are the one

        Itís what we share, itís what weíre of
        Itís where we meet, itís what we love
        Itís in the air, itís in our blood
        Humans care, you are the one

Life goes by like the music
    Though somehow more completely
And it seems sometimes all we can do
    To play along even half as sweetly
So when it all starts to get to you
    Remember what we knew
A glass half empty is half full too
    If we can find our way in gratitude


If you're like me, you'd like to see
    All the world discover peace
But though I know I may not see it
    I do believe that we can seed it
In human form, weíre shining light
    Look around you here tonight
Thanks for now and for the future
    May we keep each other bright


You are the one, the one you are
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