Ricardo - Pathless Land
Thanks Again    © 1997 RFRussell

Ocean, Mother, I return
Always finding more to learn
Ever changing You remain
Fill me with Your songs again
            Spirit, Father in the sky
            Looking out You fill my eyes
            Endless presence without name
            Words simply cannot explain
So at the risk of repeating myself
May I say, for one more day...
      Thanks again, amen
      Comes up a lot even now and then
      Thanks again, amen
      For the mountains and the rain
      For the angels and the pain
      For this journey I began
      So many years ago—thanks again
      For the fierce and wild storms
      All the fires that kept me warm
      The people dreamed and born
      In all the years we’ve known—again
Who knew? Ain't no such thing as bad gratitude
Who knew? How much here depends on attitude, attitude
      For the blessings and the fates
      For the walls and for the gates
      For all the errors and mistakes
      And schemes untold—thanks again
      For the sunlight off the water
      For the moon’s star-crossed daughter
      From a son's guiding father
      As the stories grow—
      Thanks again, amen

Calling steady on my heart
Teach me here before we part
Constant sound is ever changing
Roll me in Your waves again
            The stars above me shine tonight
            Sending us their distant light
            Everywhere are signs of You
            Over, under, ‘round and through
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