Ricardo - Pathless Land
Everything Breaks My Heart    © 1997 RFRussell

Some days it starts before Iím even awake
By the time I am Iím already late
I trip over things that havenít moved an inch
The paper makes me flinch
For no good reason I can see
I have this weight inside of me
Then the phone rings, but as I reach it
I knock over yesterdayís coffee
I get to work and itís little debates
Every detail adds weight
By lunch it covers warming the planet
Iím just an accident waiting to happen
    Days like these—everything breaks my heart

You may say Iím too sensitive
Or playing the wrong parts
But just like everything else today
Youíd be slightly off the mark
You see it in many strangersí eyes
Fear and sadness--no surprise
The woman in the store with her poor child
The man-in-car who got so riled
Up to governments that cannot act
And the greedy streak thatís business fact
Until I begin to doubt myself
Maybe wish that I was somewhere else
    Days like these—everything breaks my heart

Sometimes itís more than I think I can bear
Sometimes it feels like solitary in here
What can you say with your heart in your throat?
The worldís so heavy itís sinking the boat
Just too much for too many years
I hear the cries and taste the tears
Til I feel deep as any ocean
Waitin' for time to clear this emotion
I pass people on the road sometimes
Who look like I feel tonight
Heading somewhere miles away
Where all is left behind
    Days like these—everything breaks my heart
    Days like these—be careful with me please—have mercy on me
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