Ricardo - Pathless Land
Silent Rhyme    © 1980 RFRussell

It's the me that you miss about five times wiser
Feeling the loss
Of your sweet kiss and your company
And all the stars we crossed
Sometimes I wish and sometimes I call
You may be gone but you're not lost
We're just dealing with time
And it's feeling time
It's a silent rhyme you're livin' and mine

It may be freedom you list just a little bit lower
Once you try your livin' alone
Feelings you feel so much harder
Once you let them show
It's the comfort you miss about five times deeper
Once you see your comfort going
On the wheels of time
Stealing time
It's a fine fine line your lovin' and mine

Now it's a voice I hear in another room
You made this house a home
It's the days and the nights and the peace of mind
And heart and body and soul
And sometimes I think and sometimes I call
And sometimes I still don't know
About the healing of time
You're still on my mind
It's a silent rhyme you're livin' and mine
And mine
And mine
Silent rhyme
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