Ricardo - Pathless Land
Rise And Shine    © 1989 RFRussell

Hello moon rising
Let the night fall
Fiery horizon
Colors all
I left you early this morning
Your eyes full of sleep
You said you had dreamed a vision
And you believed
That the love that's been so long locked within us
Could finally be freed
And finally how it could be so . . . easy

    Now the darkness comes around
    And blankets me
    And every star that falls reminds me
    Of the deep
    I am moving on a journey
    Through my life
    Looking high and low for freedom
    All the time
    Seeking out the truth to be my
    Guiding light
    Finding all my senses reeling
    From the sight

Come up and light on me, sun
Rise and shine
Open up my eyes to see one
Fine alignment
I kept you up late talking
But we slept in peace
Now today another morning
Greets your dreams
And though I know the world is out there
Full of schemes
When I feel the light of your love
It makes it easy
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Copyright © 2007 Ricardo, all rights reserved