Ricardo - Pathless Land
Full Heart    © 1980 RFRussell

So you come to the end of the evening
And you stop there for the night
After sixteen hours of reason
You finally turn off the light
And you sit there in the darkness
Just thinking of the parts
Settles in your tired heart
Everything is upside down and backwards
And all you feel is pain
There is no sense in running after
Things that'll never be the same
But how you gonna look into tomorrow
Until you're living in today
You've got to become your sorrow
Before it can pass away.
    You've got a full heart of thunder
    A full heart of light
    You've got a full heart of wonder tonight
Now you come to the edge of the morning
And you have been there before
Only this time you're not dreaming
And you walk right through the door
You feel the warmth surround you
As you step into the light
And the sun comes up around you
And everything's alright
But you've seen the tears inside the laughter
And the fire in the rain
And now you know forever after
That some things will never change
So what'cha gonna do with all your freedom?
Whatch'a gonna do with all your time?
Life says it's made that way for loving
Love says it's made that way for life
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