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A group of us artists got together to see what we would do with no clients, and this is what we came up with. It was intended for TV back when PSAs were mandatory.
Burner: Once a Blue Angel
Shot on 16mm, this film shows the life-long passion for flying by Bill "Burner" Beardsley, as well as the flying circus world of airshows in America.
Conversation Cafe
These clips have helped the founders spread their message further faster (because they no longer have to give the same presentation again and again).
Artis: Not For Sale
This project began when Artis (the Spoonman) came to us with a bag of tapes from nearly 50 years of a traveling minstrel's life, and we created a retrospective video.
Museum Of Glass
Before completion on the Tacoma, WA waterfront, it was necessary to orient people to the project. Designers, architects, funders--we made this for all of them.
Movement Nature Meant
This film captures a master teacher, Ruthy Alon, demonstrating the Feldenkrais Method, an approach that encourages health through awareness and movement.
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