Ka Po'ihi #1-7

Here's the story – say you were a native person on the north Pacific coast hundreds of years ago, and you fell asleep by the shore, then woke up and opened your eyes before you sat up – this might be what you saw. A native friend from British Columbia suggested to me that this is where totem poles came from...

The images to the right make up the cover artwork for the 2013 Ricardo album/CD entitled Ka Po'ihi - the Mysteries. “Ka Po'ihi,” sometimes translated as “the Mysteries,” is an old Hawaiian word for the Realms of the Sacred...beyond our understanding – i.e., those mysteries which will never be solved.

These photographs are really all of the same thing – the water line – from different places along the Inside Passage on the Northwest Coast, taken during the last few years. They have not been doctored or “photoshopped” in any way, and they are printed on aluminum. The prints are available as a set, or individually. For pricing and ordering information, e-mail ricardo@kumau.com

Watch the Ka Po'ihi Slideshow.
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